My work is a cross-pollination of different art mediums and organic elements, such as stone, eggshells, and other materials. Even though my series are quite different from one to the other, they are conceptually connected and based of the study of lines and patterns, from the geometric complexity and intricacy of the Moiré Series, based on mathematically calculated designs, to the serenity and mindfulness of the Zen pieces.

Inspiration is not willed but I believe it favors an open mind, one predisposed to see in an unconventional manner. Nature is my inspiration, the unity in its opposites, the equilibrium and dependence in its diversity, the influence of time, but mostly, nature’s relentless ability to reinvent itself.

The process of creating and looking at art involves time, allowing me to pause and observe. My intention is that the viewers engage in “slow looking” as well as a path to simply pause, behold, and restore.